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TOUGH Series™


The DynaGen™ TOUGH Series™ PRO TE600 and TG600 are autostart or manual digital controllers designed for complete control, protection, and engine instrumentation on mechanically or electronically governed engines. For use in extreme environments.


  • Supports all major diesel engines including mechanical Tier III, Tier IV Interim and Tier IV Final
  • Easily configured using the front panel buttons or RapidCore™ configurator software
  • Tier 4F and Euro Stage V compliant. Call factory for specific engine types
  • Support for spark ignition engines across most brands
  • Can be sold as a complete Plug-N-Play package
  • Able to withstand light pressure washing at 1200 psi at 1 foot away
  • Sunlight readable color display
  • OEM private label branding available
  • Five-year or 17,500 hour warranty

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Datasheet DynaGen Products

Display Features

Sunlight readable, oil pressure, engine temperature, fuel and oil levels, hour meter, RPM, battery voltage, real time clock with date/time, J1939 DTC codes, DPF and DEF status icons, and J1939 percent load and percent torque.


Built-in weekly scheduler, maintenance counter, Configurable Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC), manual and automatic modes, a full selection of timers and long-run function, and configurable or replaceable buttons with custom text

Speed Control

Front panel RPM adjustment buttons, full electronic variable speed control over J1939, configurable remote bump speed control, configurable ramping control with 3 set points: idle, intermediate and goal RPM, and adjustable min/max RPM limits

Rugged Housing

Conformally coated for protection against moisture and contaminants. Front panel gasket for panel water ingress protection meets IP67 standards


Manual and remote start, and autostart trigger on sensor value (pressure, temperature, level, voltage)

Closed Loop Control

Closed loop control using feedback from sensors such as level and pressure

Modbus Communication

Supports standard Modbus RS485 communication

Switch Inputs

12 configurable switched inputs

ISO Certification

Manufactured in an ISO 9001:2015 certified operation


Five-year warranty or 17,500 hours

AC Current Sensing

Standard for generator applications on the TG600 only


RemoteIQ remote monitoring and control available with cellular modem

On-Highway Mobile Equipment

Vacuum Trucks, Loader Cranes, Specialty Trucks, Concrete Pumps, Pressure Washing Trucks

Off-Highway Mobile Equipment

Light Towers, Fire Pumps, Generators, Dewatering Pumps, Terrain Cranes, Crawler Cranes, Rock Breakers, Screen Machines

General Equipment Rental

Construction Equipment, Concrete Pumps, Cranes

Specialty Equipment Rental

Pumps, Tanks, Power Generation, HVAC, Heat

Extraction & Fracking

Generators, Light Towers, Tanks

Water Transport

Dewatering, Bypass, Gas Transport

Crop Monitoring

Frost Protection


Irrigation Pumps, Lead Monitoring


Wind Machines, NG Compressors, Blow Off Preventers, Well Head Drills, Standby Gensets, Off-Grid Power, Solar Backup Systems, Pleasure Craft Generators, Coastal Fishing Drive and Gen, Coast Guard Vessel Gen and Pump, Main Drive Overspeed Protection
RelayPak with 40A cube relays

RelayPak with 40A cube relays

RelayPak w/12VDC Relays
TG/TE Pro J1 Harness

TG/TE Pro J2 Harness


TG/TE Pro USB Connector for J2 Harness

Current Transformers

Current Transformers

100A:5A Current Transformer 1.1" I.D.
Current Transformers

Current Transformers

200A:5A Current Transformer 1.1" I.D.
Current Transformers

Current Transformers

300A:5A Current Transformer 1.1" I.D.
Current Transformers

Current Transformers

500A:5A Current Transformer 1.1" I.D.
Current Transformers

Current Transformers

600A:5A Current Transformer 1.1" I.D.
Current Transformers

Current Transformers

1000A:5A Current Transformer 1.1" I.D.
Current Transformers

Current Transformers

1500A:5A Current Transformer
Current Transformers

Current Transformers

2000A:5A Current Transformer
12V Cube Relay

12V Cube Relay

12VDC 40A UL Relay
24V Cube Relay

24V Cube Relay

24VDC 40A UL Relay
USB Cable 6.5' A Male - B Male
Oil Press Sender

Oil Press Sender

100PSI 1/8 or 3/8" Oil Prs Snd
NPTF Temp Sender

NPTF Temp Sender

280F 1/8”-27 NPTF Temp Sender
NPTF Temp Sender

NPTF Temp Sender

280F 3/8”-18 NPTF Temp Sender
NPTF Temp Sender

NPTF Temp Sender

280F 1/2”-14 NPTF Temp Sender


NFPA110 Remote Annunciator
Pull Box

Pull Box

RA400 8x8x4" Type 1 Pull Box
120VAC to 24VDC Power Adaptor

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