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DynaGen™ PNP-Series™

Engine and Generator Control Panels

DynaGen PNP-Series is a line of standard and fully customizable engine and generator control panels. Each panel incorporates DynaGen controllers made with superior, automotive-grade plastics, high heat laminates for circuit boards, and resilient silicon front panel buttons. They are backed by an industry-leading 5-year or 17,500-hour warranty. All PNP-Series panels are supported by RapidCore™ configuration software and offer wireless remote monitoring to track the health and location of equipment. These panels can be configured and branded to OEM specifications or installed in aftermarket equipment. 

Built TOUGH. Built to Survive.

Rugged engine and generator controllers built for extreme temperatures, vibration and shock.

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TOUGH-Link is Now RemoteIQ

Same great monitoring service for engine and generator controllers with a new name.

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PNP-Series PNP400-V

Standard packaged solution for complete diesel and gas engines control

PNP-Series PNP600-N

Standard packaged solution for complete diesel and gas engine or generator control

PNP-Series PNP600-V

Standard packaged solution for complete diesel and gas engines control

RemoteIQ™ RemoteIQ™ Cloud-Based Monitoring

Enables the location, monitoring, notification, and control of remote assets to achieve optimal equipment performance.

TOUGH-Series RapidCore™

Configuration software for TOUGH-Series controllers

Global Services. Complete Support.

Trust Cattron's experienced team of industry professionals to minimize downtime and keep your equipment running at its best.  

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