DynaGen™ PNP400-V


DynaGen™ PNP400-V

The DynaGen™ PNP400-V is a standard engine control panel for diesel and gas engines. It is designed as a complete plug-n-play solution for mechanically or electronically governed engines with variable speed control. The enclosure is IP67-rated and the panel offers CANbus communications and four inputs.

  • Incorporates the DynaGen TE350 or TE410 controller
  • Supports all major diesel and spark engines
  • Supported by RapidCore™ configurator software
  • IP67-rated NEMA enclosure
  • 12V or 24V configurations
  • Private label option
  • Five-year or 17,500-hour warranty

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Rugged, IP67 NEMA boxes with clear or tinted polycarbonate cover


The controller is conformally coated for protection against moisture and contaminants. Front panel gasket for panel water ingress protection. It offers a robust, high-resolution color display that is sunlight viewable.


Configurable autostart trigger on sensor value (pressure, temperature, level, voltage)

Speed Control

Front panel RPM adjustment buttons, full electronic variable speed control over J1939, configurable remote bump speed control, and configurable ramping control with 3 set points: idle, intermediate and goal RPM, adjustable min/max RPM limits


Built-in weekly scheduler, maintenance counter, a full selection of timers and long-run function, Configurable Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC)

Closed Loop Control

Closed loop control using feedback from sensors such as level and pressure (maintain-in and maintain-out)

Internal Sensors

1 analog input, 2 resistive inputs

Relay Outputs

40 amp relay outputs for fuel, starter, glow plugs and auxiliary outputs

Switch Inputs

Single or dual float switch input control

Switched Outputs

3 switched outputs


Five-year warranty or 17,500 hours

ISO Certification

Manufactured in an ISO 9001:2015 certified operation

Emergency Stop

E-Stop button is available

Key Switch

Available with optional IP67 key switch


Plug-n-play harness are available


RemoteIQ remote monitoring and control available with cellular modem

Heated LCD

Heated LCD version available for operation and display down to -40 C

Modbus Port

Modbus RS485 connection available with TE410 controller

USB Port

Front-mounted USB port is available

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