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Paddle Controller

Cattron heavy-duty, bellybox controller used for the wireless remote control of cranes, lifting equipment and heavy industrial applications. In addition, the paddle controller can also be used for railroad applications.  


  • Robust aluminum and rubber construction
  • Stepped and stepless paddle and joystick configurations
  • Ergonomic push-to-operate bar to protect against unwanted motion activation
  • Ideal for multi-motion, multi-speed cranes and many machine operations
  • Fully customizable, bellybox style controller
  • Available in multiple and fully customizable widths for standard to complex applications

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Protected by a thick-walled, epoxy-coated, extruded aluminum case. The end bumpers are rubberized, metal plates.


Base unit allows for up to six paddles or two joysticks with additional push button and toggle switches. Larger version of the controller are possible.

Push-To-Operate Bar

A safety feature built into the controller which require a bar to be continuously pressed for the motions to remain active


Nicad Standard Rechargeable Battery; NiMh - High Capacity Rechargeable Battery


Up to six motions, single or dual axis; up to 15 on/off functions


FCC and IC licensed and unlicensed available


Standard one-year product warranty

ISO Certification

Manufactured in an ISO 9001:2015 certified operation

Range Control

RF Close Start and RF Range Limiting impose limits on the distance between the controller and machine at startup and during operation.

Talkback Feedback

Status display on LCD or LED and Multi-MCU Talkback capability

Vest Harness

Has a variety of adjustments for ideal weight distribution and operator comfort, multiple sizes available

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