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MK Pushbutton Controller


MK Pushbutton Controller

Robust pushbutton controller used for the wireless remote control of cranes, lifting equipment and many machine operations.


  • Heavy-duty aluminum and rubber construction
  • Two-step pushbuttons with excellent tactile feel
  • Ideal for the wireless remote control of three- or four-motion cranes
  • Custom or standard faceplates to suit each application

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Durable housing made of extruded aluminum, ergonomically designed with curved housing and rubber grips


Stainless steel, electronic key that stores frequency, address, personality and other programming information. Enables one MK to run multiple decoders.


12 dual-pressure buttons with an optional toggle or rotary selector


FCC and IC licensed and unlicensed options available


Mechanical pushbutton with sealed silicone elastomer keypad, standard and fully customized layouts available


Rechargeable or disposable alkaline batteries


Operating range up to 500 feet


Standard one-year product warranty

ISO Certification

Manufactured in an ISO 9001:2015 certified operation

RF Range Control

RF Close Start and RF Range Limiting impose limits on the distance between the controller and machine at startup and during operation.

Crane Remote Control

Using a wireless remote control to enable the operator to control all crane functions from a safer vantage point with greater efficiency than a tethered controller allows

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