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Asset Management


The possibilities associated with and the prevalence of the internet of things require companies to partner with suppliers who can integrate the latest hardware technology with software, monitoring, and service capabilities. VisiTek™ asset management solutions provide oversight, tracking, protection, and control for high-value equipment. Asset management improves fleet performance and productivity and provides greater equipment control remotely and in real-time, giving you the power to immediately and proactively address issues. From equipment rental operators to oil & gas, agriculture, municipal, and mining markets, VisiTek reduces costs associated with lost or stolen equipment and ensures equipment remains secure and efficient.

Tracking. Protection. Control.

Smart IoT technology and connected web-based applications to track and manage high-value equipment. 


Cattron Visitek 600 Asset Management Front

Asset Management VisiTek™ 600

Asset management device used to track and monitor equipment anywhere in the world

RemoteIQ™ RemoteIQ™ Cloud-Based Monitoring

Enables the location, monitoring, notification, and control of remote assets to achieve optimal equipment performance.

Application Note Asset Tracking on Mobile Equipment

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