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Asset Management Services


VisiTek™ and RemoteIQ™ asset management solutions provide oversight, tracking, protection, and control for high-value equipment. Asset management improves fleet performance and productivity and provides greater equipment control remotely and in real-time, giving you the power to immediately and proactively address issues. From equipment rental operators to oil & gas, agriculture, water management, and mining markets, VisiTek and RemoteIQ can reduce costs associated with lost or stolen equipment and ensure equipment remains secure and efficient.

VisiTek™ Tracking. Protection. Control.

Smart IoT technology and connected web-based applications to track and manage high-value equipment. 

RemoteIQ™ Cloud-Based Monitoring Services

Location, monitoring, notification, and control of remote equipment.


Cattron Visitek 600 Asset Management Front

Asset Management VisiTek™ 600

Asset management device used to track and monitor equipment anywhere in the world

RemoteIQ™ RemoteIQ™ Cloud-Based Monitoring

Enables the location, monitoring, notification, and control of remote assets to achieve optimal equipment performance.

Application Note Asset Tracking on Mobile Equipment

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