Lift Station Monitoring

Remote monitoring for water and wastewater operations.

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Cloud-Based Monitoring for Lift Stations

SCADA systems are an essential tool for municipal lift stations that allow a high degree of precision, visibility and control to monitor pumps, tanks, flow meters and other data points for water and wastewater movement. Instead of relying on manual checks, these systems provide alarm notifications when parameters fall out of range enabling operators to respond quickly if critical events should arise. This ensures lift stations remain compliant and operate efficiently. Cloud-based remote access provides real-time information for any device connected to the system, reducing costs associated with safety protocols and maintenance and allowing operators to proactively manage their infrastructure

Alarm Notifications

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Operators must be immediately notified if a lift station pump malfunctions or has a critical event. For decades, traditional alarm dialers utilizing landline communications were used. These systems are no longer reliable or cost-effective. Extreme weather events, lightning strikes and surges can damage equipment and delay notifications. 

Cattron’s cloud-based SCADA-like systems provide alarm notifications via text, phone or email to any mobile device, ensuring messages are received regardless of where you are at.



Messenger W or Messenger 600

RemoteIQ™ Cloud-Based Monitoring

Integrating cloud-based monitoring technology makes managing complex operations easier than ever.

Operators have 24/7 access to their equipment data without the hassle of a site visit. Just log onto RemoteIQ and control water level, pressure and flow with ease! With real-time data available at your fingertips, you can make better operational and field-level decisions when issues arise.

•Reduce service costs and improve equipment uptime

•Change configurations remotely with date/time stamped audit trail

•View communication status, critical events and reports

Advantages of Cloud-Based Monitoring and Control

Water and wastewater stations need a reliable and cost-effective monitoring and notification system.

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