Locomotive Remote Control

Safe and productive switching and rail car movement.

rail operator in blue hard hat using a locomotive remote control system to move a rail car

Wireless Remote Control for Switching and Car Movement

Today’s locomotives use powerful remote control systems to keep track of railyard logistics, resulting in more efficient car movement with less strain on personnel. These systems have become an essential part of many railyard operations, vastly increasing efficiency and profitability for companies across the world. Wireless locomotive remote control has revolutionized all levels of railyards – from class I, II and III to plant rail operations – streamlining the process of moving cars and switching locomotives between tracks. With a lightweight and easy-to-use operator control unit, operators can reposition locomotives quickly and efficiently from a safe distance. This ensures operator safety from hazardous trackside environments and results in increased precision of car movements during switching operations. 

Locomotive Remote Control 

rail worker with white hard hat stands in front of a train

Most railyards contain a complex network of tracks, locomotives, railcars and vehicles. Wireless remote control systems allow railyard operators to control driverless, switching locomotives using various speed control options, giving operators complete control over a train’s speed. Safety is a top priority and should include features.

Cloud-based monitoring and analytics tools can monitor railyard trends for FRA-regulated systems and provide vital information on equipment performance, metrics and operational usage.

Remote Control Solutions for Locomotives

Cattron offers systems designed for FRA-regulated or non-FRA-regulated railyards that improve productivity and communications while increasing safety and reducing accidents. Locomotive remote control systems offer various speed control options, independent brake and train brake, sand control, reverser control and tilt detection.


•Transport™ VS, CC, TC, QC and Transport™ OCU

RemoteIQ™ Rail analytics software

Selecting a Locomotive Remote Control System

When selecting a locomotive remote control system, a thorough review and a clear understanding of your needs and requirements will help ensure that the ideal system is implemented.

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Enhance Safety and Efficiency

Class I Freight, Shortline, Regional and Plant Railroads rely on locomotive remote control solutions to minimize risk to workers while increasing the operational efficiency of the railyard.

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rail yard operator wearing hard hat and locmotive operator control unit