Mobile Generators

Rugged generator control solutions for OEMs and mobile equipment.

group of red mobile generators sitting outside in the sun

Monitoring and Control for Mobile Generators

By integrating controllers into mobile generators, OEMs can monitor their performance from anywhere. Engine control solutions enable better management of engine start/stop times, identify problems, adjust fuel consumption and diagnose engine issues. This helps OEMs save time and money on maintenance and servicing, as well as reduces the amount of downtime for mobile equipment. Whether you’re monitoring engines on trucks, cranes, excavators or other more complex machinery, rest assured that you’ll be able to have complete control. 

Engine and Generator Control

yellow and blue towable generator at a construction site

The ability to remotely start and stop generators supplying power to mobile and rental equipment can optimize job site performance, greatly increases efficiency and result in a higher rate of return on investment. Reliable communication between the controller and generator is necessary to support mechanically or electronically governed generators. Because equipment sits out in the elements, the solution must be durable and built to perform in harsh environments.

DynaGen™ Controllers and Panels

High-performance generator control solutions increase your productivity by allowing you to manage and power your equipment on job sites efficiently. With our industry-leading DynaGen controllers, you’ll always get seamless performance when it matters most.

  • Manual and remote start and autostart trigger on sensor value
  • Electronic variable speed control over J1939
  • Configurable ramping control with set points for idle and RPM limits

Mobile Generators for Tier 4 Final Compliance

Standardized control for towable generators that maintain compliance standards and are easy to use.

Case Study
large white mobile generator sitting next to a retaining wall