Concrete Pump Remote Control

Safe and reliable operations for concrete pumping.

Construction worker in blue rubber boots and pants pumping concrete into a building foundation.

Reliability and Safety for Concrete Pump Operators

Concrete pumping is heavy-duty work that doesn’t leave much room for disruptions or errors. Not only are operators in a potentially messy construction environment, but they are also subject to harsh or unpredictable weather conditions.  Concrete pump operators need job site tools that make concrete pumping more reliable, efficient and safe for workers

Industrial Wireless Remote Control

Areal view of a construction site where workers in blue uniforms and yellow hard hats are using a concrete pump.

Industrial remote controllers for concrete pumps must be reliable and easy to use. They increase the mobility of workers on the job site, allowing for a better view of the work area. The operating range needs to be long enough to extend across the entire job site and the signal needs to be maintained while operating the pump. With radio industrial remote control systems, projects can be completed faster without compromising safety.   

Pump Boss™ Concrete Pump Remote Control

Make your construction project easier than ever before with Pump Boss — your go-to solution for all your remote control needs. With this strong and reliable system at hand, you can rest assured that every job will be up and running quickly and efficiently!

  • Operating range up to 600 feet
  • IP65-rated enclosure
  • Easy installation and programming
  • Category 3 PL-d configuration

Reasons to Use Concrete Pump Remote Control

Radio remote control is a popular option for concrete pumping on construction sites because of its safety features, ease of use and ability to help ensure accuracy and precision.

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A blue, a yellow, and a white hardhat sitting beside each other on the ledge of a steel beam in front of a building in daylight.

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