Light Tower Control

Dependable generator control for mobile light towers.

mobile light tower in a construction site

Light Tower Control for Mining and Construction

Light towers are critical assets within mining and construction sites. They provide powerful illumination that enables employees to do their job safely and efficiently. But powering light towers can be time-consuming to manage manually. These tasks can be accomplished remotely by utilizing modern engine control systems. These systems control engines and generators that power light towers to lower emissions, remotely monitor equipment for access to real-time engine data and conserve fuel consumption for cost savings. With engine control technology, mining companies no longer need to manually turn off or adjust individual lights during breaks or to start or end the workday.

Engine Control Requirements

open pit mining site with red mobile light tower

The ability to remotely start and stop the engines or generators supplying power to mobile light towers can optimize job site performance and efficiency. Ensuring lighting is available during operational hours provides safe working conditions and maintains productivity.

Job sites require equipment that can perform in harsh environments, with equipment sitting out in the elements for extended periods of time. They must also be easy to install and operate a fleet of diesel and gas-driven engine equipment.

DynaGen™ Engine and Generator Controllers

You can be sure DynaGen controllers will perform in any extreme environment as they are built with a rugged housing, ready to withstand any temperature, vibration or shock. You can rest assured knowing your mining or construction site operations will not go idle due to the elements.

  • Autostart operations for mechanically or electronically governed engines
  • Digital display with easy-to-use buttons for configurations and updates
  • Tier 4F and Euro Stage V compliant

Terex Relies on DynaGen Solutions to Control Light Towers

Cranes are an invaluable asset for loading, unloading and moving heavy materials. But we need to ensure safe operations for workers.

Application Note
construction site with stacks of materials and mobile light towers