Crane Remote Control

Safe, ergonomic crane remote controls for overhead cranes.

Worker in a white hard hat in front of an industrial hook.

Radio Remote Controls for Safe Operations

Overhead cranes are an essential part of manufacturing, construction and more. The safe and efficient operation of cranes is critical. A crane remote control system simultaneously improves productivity and enhances the safety of operators. This is why many have embraced the use of radio control cranes. Industrial remote control operators can control the motions of overhead hoists using a wireless operator control unit rather than a pendant controller. 

Enhanced Safety

overhead crane picks up equipment in a darkly lit warehouse

From a safety perspective, crane remote controls minimize the risk of falling material or dropped loads because operators control the crane from a safer location. A better line of sight lets operators see trip hazards and pinch points more quickly. Most systems are ergonomically designed and incorporate safety features that minimize the risk of human error. 

Selecting the right crane remote control system helps ensure these outcomes are achieved. Most systems operate in a heavy-duty environment, so choosing a system that has been heavily tested to withstand these elements is vital. 

  • Ergonomic design
  • Ease of use
  • PL-c or PL-d safety rating

Industrial Remote Control Systems

Our radio remote control systems come in handheld pushbutton and bellybox styles offering a wireless experience that makes it easy to operate cranes. We incorporate industry-leading standards to offer PL-d safety levels with a high operating range. Plus, you can customize your system according to your needs and brand.

Enhance Safety with Crane Remote Control

Cranes are an invaluable asset for loading, unloading and moving heavy materials. But we need to ensure safe operations for workers.

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Evaluating a Crane Remote Control System

Selecting the right crane remote control system to operate an EOT crane is a decision that impacts operators every time the crane is in motion.

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Cattron family of operator control units for industrial remote controll