Autonomous Guided Vehicles

Radio remote control for automating warehouse, manufacturing and transportation hubs.

driverless robotic vehicles move boxes in a warehouse

Driverless Technology for Industrial Applications

Radio remote controls are reshaping how warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and transportation hubs operate. At the forefront of this transformation are Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGVs), pioneering driverless technology and propelling industrial automation to new heights. AGVs can be programmed to follow predetermined paths, redefining how materials are safely controlled and moved within factories, warehouses and transportation systems in ways that would not be possible with manual labor. With Autonomous Guided Vehicles in warehouses, companies can rely on enhanced efficiency and productivity while at the same time reducing labor costs. 

Enhance Workplace Safety Through Wireless Emergency Stop Solutions

Automated guided vehicle forklift lifting carton in modern warehouse

Workplace injuries happen and can translate into thousands of lost production hours, equipment damage, and increased scrap costs every year. With companies deploying more AVGs, traditional fixed emergency stop systems prove inadequate for today’s highly automated environments.  

Wireless emergency stop systems should be used to ensure safe operations for those working alongside AGVs. Our expertise lies in crafting innovative wireless e-stop solutions that seamlessly integrate into existing safety systems and provide workers with constant and immediate access to stop machinery from their person. By prioritizing safety, companies can maximize production and lower costs related to workplace injuries, equipment damage, and operational disruptions. 

Seamless Integration with Wireless Emergency Stop Systems

Industrial automation demands a steadfast commitment to safety. Elevate your safety measures with PL-d rated or SIL 3-certified wireless emergency stop systems. These solutions effortlessly integrate into existing safety systems and provide workers with lightweight and durable personal safety devices for immediate access when issues arise. With instant accessibility, these devices empower your workforce to respond promptly to operational challenges, ensuring a secure working environment. 

Cattron wireless e-stop solutions include:  

Elevate Your AGV Technology and Safety Solutions 

Our advanced wireless emergency stop solutions drive productivity, enhance safety, and position your business at the forefront of innovation. Join us in revolutionizing the industrial automation landscape. Find the perfect wireless emergency stop solution that can help transform your operations by contacting a Cattron representative.