Autonomous Guided Vehicles

Radio remote control for automating warehouse, manufacturing and transportation hubs.

driverless robotic vehicles move boxes in a warehouse

Driverless Technology for Industrial Applications

Autonomous guided vehicles (AGVs) are revolutionizing automation in the industrial sector. By using driverless, robotic technology, these vehicles can control and move factory, warehousing, and transportation materials with improved efficiency. AGVs can be programmed to follow predetermined paths, allowing automation to be safely managed and controlled in ways that would not be possible with manual labor. With greater automation, companies can rely on increased accuracy and speed of production while at the same time reducing labor costs.

Wireless Emergency Stop

Workplace injuries happen and can translate into thousands of lost production hours, equipment damage, and increased scrap costs every year. With companies deploying more AVGs, permanently fixed e-stops are no longer viable solutions in highly automated environments. Selecting a partner who can collaborate and build safety into personal wireless remote control devices is a must to keep production levels maximized and costs low.  

Emergency stop systems should be used to ensure safe operations for those working alongside AGVs. Devices should easily integrate into existing safety systems and provide workers with constant and immediate access to stop machinery from their person.

Wireless Emergency Stop Systems

When it comes to industrial automation, don’t take any chances – keep your workers safe with a PL-d rated or SIL 3-certified emergency stop system. These devices easily integrate into existing safety systems and provide a lightweight and durable, personal safety device for immediate access when issues arise.

Emergency Stop for Autonomous Vehicle Testing

Wireless e-stops enable driverless vehicles to shut down immediately during testing simulations.

Application Note
finger pushing a start button for an autonomous driving vehicle