Pump Control

Reliable engine control for diesel-driven and electric motor-driven pumps

diesel engine water pump next to a pond

Engine Control for Rental Pumps

Rental equipment operators can achieve more efficiency by optimizing engine control for their rental pumps. Operating mobile pumps requires making constant adjustments and modifications based on environmental factors and fluid requirements, and being able to make those changes in a timely fashion is key. To give rental equipment operators the best chance of achieving success, they need efficient engine controls that are simple to understand, easy to adjust and allow them to respond quickly to changing conditions. The right engine control system can ensure that rental customers get the most out of their diesel or electric motor-driven pumps, no matter what conditions they’re operating in.

Advanced Engine Control Panels

Selecting the right engine control solution for your pumps is essential. Pumps operate in harsh environments that require rugged, weather-resistant housing. A simple user-friendly interface helps standardize operator use over your fleet and ensures operators and technicians find them easy to support. For operators who manage pumps across remote locations, having visibility into your entire fleet, how it is performing and being able to adjust on the fly ensures efficiency and cost savings across your rental fleet.

CANplus™ Engine and Pump Control Panels

CANplus panels will change the way you operate your pumps. Designed to make your pump operations a breeze, control and monitor your floats, suction & vacuum pressures, discharge pressures, water level & flow from any mobile device. From diesel to electric engines – no matter the complexity, our panels oversee it all with ease.

  • Autostart and manual operations for mechanically or electronically governed engines
  • Tier 4F and Euro Stage V compliant
  • Advanced throttling capabilities
  • Easy to use interface for configurations