Frost Protection

Reliable engine control to protect crops from frost damage.

frost on apple trees in an orchard

Wind Machines for Frost Protection

Farming operators continually work to protect crops from various environmental elements. Reducing damage while maintaining crop integrity can be difficult to balance, especially with extreme or fluctuating weather changes. Wind machines are a common way to maintain and control the temperature and protect crops from frost damage.

Engine and Generator Control

wind machine in a hillside orchard

Having a proper engine controller can make a difference in how much protection a wind machine can deliver and how quickly operators can respond. The right engine controller must be able to monitor, measure and quickly respond to weather conditions. In addition to being easy to operate, it must also have the following capabilities: 

  • Ability to set start and stop temperatures
  • Automatically start when the ambient temperature drops to a set point
  • Setting warm-up and cool-down timeframes
  • Setting the RPM of the engine
  • Defining a shutdown sequence

DynaGen™ Controllers and Panels

Don’t worry about your equipment performing under extreme conditions. DynaGen controllers are tested to stand up to the toughest environments, and you won’t have to worry about being onsite because our advanced technology makes it easy for you to manage your equipment remotely.

  • Manual and remote start and autostart trigger on sensor value
  • Electronic variable speed control over J1939
  • Configurable ramping control with set points for idle and RPM limits

DynaGen PRO600 for Remote Engine Control

Watch a DynaGen controller operate a wind machine to maintain the air temperature to prevent frost.

Reliable Solutions

Wenatchee Wind selected DynaGen controllers for their reliability, ease of use and smart configurations.

Application Note
cattron dynagen pro-series pro600 generator controller front view

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