Maintenance of Way and Railcar Movers​

Cattron radio remote control solutions provide a safety and productivity solution for a variety of applications. Whether it is for ballast cars or railcar movers, Cattron provides the solutions that enable workers to operate the equipment from a safe vantage point.​

Ballast Car Control​

Manually opening and closing ballast car hopper doors requires the operator to be very close to the ballast car. Exposure to silica dust, possible injuries from the manual operation of the release levers and walking too close to a moving locomotive are just some of the hazards encountered by operators. Radio remote control systems enable the operator to control the locomotive from a safe distance, minimizing the risk of injury.  




Radio remote control, ballast car, locomotive remote control

CCM-12 CANopen Railcar Control​

The CCM-12 can control many types of machinery, including modern railcar movers. It supports vehicle bus standard SAE J1939 and is suited for applications requiring EN ISO 13849-1 Performance Level d. This system comes with the LRC-M1 controller. 




Railcar Mover Remote Control

MP96 Railcar Mover

Based on the MP96 RCL locomotive control platform, the MP96 Railcar Mover provides the safety that you expect from Cattron products and the flexibility to control all aspects of the machine. This product is compatible with the Cattron Paddle and Toggle OCUs. 



Railcar Mover, Radio Remote Control Locomotives