EC/LO​ Easy Control Locomotive System

Easy Control Locomotive System​

A sophisticated locomotive control system for modernized locomotives in the European market. ECLO design principles apply the highest safety standards and is compliant in SIL3 (EN 50128, EN 50129, EN 61508) and the European Safety Standards for controlling locomotives EN 50239.​

EC/LO Features​

Dual Processor Architecture​

The main processor card has two independent processors that operate in parallel and cross-check each other for improved safety. ​


Modular Design​

The modular design uses plug-in cards allow for wide configurability, easy access and a quick exchange of damaged components.​


Configurable Buttons and Switches  ​

The EC/LO OCUs can be configured by our Application Engineering group to suit your needs. ​

Configurable Icon

Status Display with LEDs​

LEDs on the OCU can be configured to inform the operator of various locomotive status events.​


Multiple OCU Options​

Five basic designs are available which vary in the type of controls and handling. All designs are designed for single hand use, allowing the operator to maintain a safe position on the locomotive with the other hand.​


Multiple Cards​

Increases flexibility of applications by offering standard relay, safety relay, optocoupler IO, analog output and CANOpen cards. ​

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EC/LO Options​


Additional data such as speed, current brake pressure and selected direction of data can be displayed on the OCU. ​

Monitoring and Diagnostics

LED Flash Lights​

LEDs build into the OCU are used for shunting operations at night. ​



RFID technology enabling control commands to be launched via contactless methods. ​


Pitch and Catch ​

Permits a two-person team to direct movements of the RCL system. ​

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Cross-Border Feature​

Allows the operation of four transmitters with different frequencies on one receiver. ​