Cattron MP96​

Cattron MP96 is a a proven set of throttle/brake operation remote control systems for Class II, Class III and industrial rail. With a comprehensive feature list, Cattron is a heavy duty, powerful system that will last for many years. ​

Cattron MP96 Features​

Proportional Independent Brake Control​

With pressure mounting and optional proportional Train Brake control and monitoring. ​


Wheel Slip Control​

Automatic sanding, holding or reduction of throttle notch is performed automatically when wheel slips are detected. ​


Trainline Alarm Monitoring​

A single input monitors the locomotive trainline alarm. ​

Monitoring and Diagnostics

Maintenance Terminal Toolkit​

Gives the operator the ability to update RCL software, configure spare gold boxes and review archive records. Wired and wireless connectivity options are available.​


Train Brake Interface​

This feature adds proportional Train Brake Control and Monitoring to the RCL system. ​


Tilt Protection​

The OCU detects that if it is tilted beyond a certain threshold for a predefined period, the RCL system automatically goes into an emergency penalty. ​


Cattron MP96 Options

Speed Limiting Option​

A single or multiple speed limits can be enforced. Adjusting the speed limit can be accommodated in multiple methods. Available on MP96RCL only.​


Man-Down Alert Option​

In the event that an OCU is tilted for too long, the radio broadcasts a message indicating that the operator has fallen. Many models of cab radio are supported. ​


Digital Talkback Option​

Provides two-way RF communication between the OCU and MCU. Permits feedback regarding locomotive status in the form of LEDs and canned status messages.  ​


Pitch & Catch ​

Permits a two-person team to direct movements of the RCL system. ​

Flexible Icon

Vigilance and PTO​

Select OCUs can be equipped with a vigilance or a Push To Operate (PTO) feature to enforce operator alertness. ​


Cattron MP96​