Accuspeed Remote Control System​

Accuspeed is a top-of-the-line speed control system enabling operators to control driver-less locomotives from a safe vantage point. Used by Class 1 rail in North America, the system continually applies the right amount of throttle or brake to maintain the selected speed regardless of track grade or trailing tonnage. With Accuspeed, the operator is not required to constantly judge speed, give throttle or apply brakes, giving them the ability to focus on train movements and track conditions. 

Accuspeed Features

Speed Control ​

Our patent-protected speed control feature streamlines locomotive operation by handling the complexities of throttle and brake manipulation to maintain the speed selected by the operator.​



OCU-III supports an impressive feature set including an embedded GNSS location, a patented method for pushing OCU positional data to the RCL system, Bluetooth link to the internal archive record and a Wi-Fi port to accommodate future expansion. ​

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Internal Archive Record​

Accuspeed has an internal archive record that logs hundreds of system events, remote control data points and manual mode data. The archive record is the primary source for system monitoring and troubleshooting. ​

Monitoring and Diagnostics

Extended Range through RF Repeaters​

All available RF protocols support repeaters for extending the RF range from one mile line-of-sight to much farther. ​

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Two-Way RF Communication​

Tri-color LEDs and an OLED display on the OCU-III are utilized to relay information from the locomotive control unit to the operator. ​


Self-Monitoring    ​

The system constantly monitors the state of the outputs for proper operation. In the event of a conflict of intended output vs. monitored input, the system will take evasive action to safely stop the movement. ​


Accuspeed Options​

Locomotive Brake System Compatibility ​

Pneumatic Systems (26-L, etc.), CCB-26, FastBrake.​


RF Protocol Options​

220 MHz ATS, 450 MHz STS, 220 MHz CAI.​


Hump Control​

Excitation control for slow speed operation and options for interfacing to many hump process controllers. ​



Accuspeed is compatible with PSP or EPD options for pullback protection, crossing protection and other automation features. ​


Train Brake Cycle Braking Protection​

Train Brake Cycle Braking Protection provides configurable system protection from improper train handling. ​


Electric Handbrake Interface​

The electric handbrake interface makes it possible for the RCL system to control various brands of electric handbrake systems through the OCU.​


Remote Access over 4G​

Enables users to log into the RCL system through an internet connection and collect RCL data. ​


Operator Dismissal​

This feature allows a two-person crew to temporarily dismiss the secondary operator.​

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