Industrial Wireless Remote Control Systems

Remtron™ is a proven line of durable, high value industrial wireless remote control systems available in either a standard or custom configuration. Every system is designed, produce and serviced in the USA. The quality and durability of Remtron speaks for itself with many systems still in use for 5, 10 or more years.


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  • Patriot Industrial Crane Wireless Remote Control - Thumbnail.jpg
    Patriot is a high value three-motion, two-speed controller available in four standard systems that is used for wireless remote control of cranes.
  • CommandPro Industrial Crane Wireless Remote Control - thumbnail.jpg
    CommandPro is a durable, crane wireless remote control with up to 23 control functions and is available in three sizes.
  • Pump Boss Concrete Pumping Wireless Remote Control - Thumbnail.jpg
    Pump Boss II™
    Pump Boss is a wireless remote control for concrete pumping that enables direct and immediate control at the point of delivery.
  • Safe-T-Stop Wireless Emergency Stop - thumbnail.jpg
    Safe-T-Stop is an industrial grade wireless emergency stop that puts control in the hands of those in the best position to minimize injury.
  • Remtron T34 Industrial Crane Wireless Remote Control -Thumbnail.jpg
    Remtron lever-style bellybox remote controls are made with a heavy-duty aluminum housing that is ideal for the wireless remote control of cranes.
  • Remtron Receivers_T46_Thumbnail.jpg
    Remtron's lever-style, bellybox remote controls equipped with a wide selection of control options used for the wireless remote control of cranes.
  • Remtron Receivers_T46_Thumbnail.jpg
    Remtron offers a variety of machine control units used for wireless remote control of cranes and machine control.

Service and Support

Cattron's service extends and protects our partnership well beyond the purchase of your industrial wireless remote control system.  We employ a team of experienced technicians who are ready to help you maximize the value of your Cattron products. Cattron offers a mix of phone-based technical support, depot repair services and field service teams that are all focused on minimizing downtime and helping you achieve the optimal return on investment in remote control. 

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