Plant Rail Solutions
Locomotive Remote Control Systems

Cattron’s throttle/brake locomotive remote control systems offer the safety and dependability that are required for operating locomotives in plant rail operations. Remote control systems enable a single operator to pilot a locomotive from a safe distance - enhancing worker safety, improving productivity and optimizing the profitability of the plant rail operation. Systems can be customized to the exact needs of the customer and the application for which it is being used. Cattron's rugged systems offer long lasting durability and reliability that minimizes downtime and ensures your system delivers the lowest cost of ownership in the industry. 


  • Transport QC - Locomotive Remote Control for Plant Rail Operations - thumbnail.jpg
    Transport QC for Plant Rail
    Transport QC is a portable, quick connect locomotive remote control system designed for plant rail operations.  
  • Transport CS - Locomotive Remote Control for Plant Rail Operations - thumbnail.jpg
    Transport CS for Plant Rail
    Transport CS is a compact, permanently mounted remote control locomotive system designed for plant rail operations.  
  • Ballast Car Unloading - Locomotive Remote Control - thumbnail.jpg
    Ballast Car Unloading
    Wireless remote controls installed on the hopper doors of ballast cars to control loading and unloading of material.

Service and Support

Cattron's service extends and protects our partnership well beyond the purchase of your locomotive remote control system.  We employ a team of experienced technicians who are ready to help you maximize the value of your Cattron products with our technical service and support capabilities. Cattron offers a mix of phone-based technical support, depot repair services and field service teams that are all focused on minimizing downtime for your equipment so that you achieve the best return on your investment in remote control. 

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