SIAMnet Underground Communication System unites workers and the support systems they use above and below ground to safely extract minerals from underground mines. SIAMnet provides a total solution in the integration of underground voice and data communication networks. 


800MHz Infrastructure

The 800MHz band is the best frequency to use in underground mines as it travels up to 100 times farther than VHF.

CATV Coaxial Cable Infrastructure

SIAMnet uses cables and accessories from the CATV industry, a proven and established infrastructure, that is best suited for the complex communication needs of underground mines.

DOCSIS Cable Modem
DOCSIS Cable Modem

DOCSIS Cable Modem technology is used worldwide to deliver high speed data networks in millions of homes and businesses worldwide.

Single Cable Infrastructure
Single Cable Infrastructure

SIAMnet cable carries the voice, data signals and the electrical power without having to install a separate infrastructure.


  • Daily Operations​

    Help workers communicate flawlessly with each other and boost productivity.

  • Two-Way Voice​

    Discover conventional two-way voice communication to link underground and surface workers.​

  • Dispatch

    Get support for loaders and trucks at automated loading and dumping points.​

  • Data Networks

    Explore LAN: an application that extends into underground mines to provide critical communication for underground operators.​

  • WiFi

    Enable people or machinery to communicate over networks without the need for a wired connection.

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