In an emergency, more than a few seconds delay can have catastrophic results. Safe-E-Stop protects your work teams with wireless personal e-stop devices, extending and enhancing your existing safety systems.


Safe-E-Stop is a wireless personal and machine safety device that provides an emergency stop for a variety of industrial applications. The system enhances safety by allowing an individual or a group of operators to respond to an emergency without the delay typically associated with moving to a hard-wired E-stop station. Worn on a waist belt, this unit provides wireless access to an E-stop, from the operator location, enhancing hard-wired safety systems.

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5 Piece Safe-E-Stop Remote Family

Stop Anything. Anytime. Anywhere. ​

SIL3 certification by TUV Nord ​


Wireless operating range typically in excess of 100 meters​


Rechargeable 14-hour battery​


Up to five personal safety Devices can be linked simultaneously ​

Monitoring and Diagnostics

Safety relays wire quickly and easily into an existing E-stop system


IP67 for most indoor/outdoor environments​


The Ultimate Safety and Productivity Tool​


Worn on a waist belt, this unit provides constant wireless access to an emergency stop, directly from the operator location, without the delay typically associated with moving to a hard-wired station.​


Simple ​

Safe-E-Stop easily and efficiently integrates into the existing emergency stop system, enabling simple expansion and enhancement of the system. ​

Safe-E-Stop Product Family


Safe-E-Stop is an effective, reliable and valuable safety resource with SIL3 certification by TUV Nord. ​

Safe E Stop™ Wireless Emergency Stop

Safe-E-Stop Applications

  • Processing and Machining
  • Risk Reduction Management​
  • Flexible Manufacturing​
  • Conveyor Systems Icon
    Conveyor Systems​

    Control the power, speed and sorting of material handling conveyor systems with an industrial wireless remote control

  • High Speed Production Lines​
  • Distribution Centers​

    Provides increased mobility and visibility for key employees as they oversee operational processes, procedures and safety