Switch to SCADA Cloud-Based Monitoring and Control

overhead view of a wastewater treatment plan and office building

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Water and wastewater treatment plants, lift stations and wells rely on alarm notifications to alert them when critical events happen. Without notifications, incidents can have severe consequences to businesses and end-users. Traditional phone lines are susceptible to lightning, surges and other weather-related events causing undetected communication losses. Cloud-based solutions like Aquavx™ and EliteIQ™, monitor the status of communications and can notify personnel immediately of a communication failure. They provide 24/7 access to communication status, critical events and data from any laptop or mobile device.

Join us for a 20-minute webinar where we will focus on the risks of using phone line alarm dialers. Hear from our guest speaker, Tim Tomasko with The DAS Group, as he reviews first-hand customer experiences and benefits when switching to a real-time cloud-based solution.

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