Introducing the S-Series – Cattron’s latest standard, wireless pushbutton remote control system with an impressive operating range of 600 feet

November 3, 2021

Cattron is excited to release the latest series of standard, wireless pushbutton remote control systems that offer global compliance, safety, reliability and modern technology in a premium but economical design.

S-Series wireless remote control systems are designed for the control of equipment and machinery in a variety of material handling, mobile equipment and industrial automation applications. They are ideal for operators seeking basic functionality that does not require application-specific or complex customizations.

The S-Series offers an impressive operating range of 600 feet, a simple 15-second pushbutton pairing of the OCU and MCU, and globally compliant long-range operation. The premium design also offers a PL-d safety level with an illuminated stop switch, black channel telegram for secure communication and an IP65 enclosure for system durability.

The S-Series product line has two standard OCU configurations and an MCU:

  • S32 | three motions, two speeds, start and stop function
  • S41 | four motions, one speed, start and stop function
  • 11R | 11 relay machine control unit

“The S-Series sets a new benchmark for a cost-effective system with the modern technology and world-class radio that Cattron designs into its solutions.” says Brian Fette, Vice President of Program and Product Management. “We now have a complete range of products from the standard S-Series to our fully customized, engineered-to-order CattronControl™ product line.” he adds.