Cattron Releases New Breakthrough Tools for Configuring, Diagnosing and Testing CANplus™ Panels

February 21, 2023

canplus engine control panels family photo consisting of cp640, cp750-e and cp1000

The CANplus portfolio of advanced engine and pump control panels are getting a boost from revolutionary enhancements to its software suite. New features include Machine Learning, Trace Analyzer, Engine Simulator and a Configuration Wizard. These enhancements are in addition to the recent release of variable frequency drive support, which standardizes engine control for a mixed fleet of diesel and electric-driven pumps.

Machine Learning prevents costly repairs and downtime by automatically detecting patterns, analyzing and troubleshooting potential issues. With these premium features deployed, panels will learn the normal operating behavior and analyze patterns of the engines/VFDs, and pumps, automatically alerting the user when parameters are out of range. Machine Learning takes the guesswork out of setting warnings and fault levels and monitors defined operating parameters to ensure the pump maintains optimal performance.  

The new CANplus Suite of software tools; Engine Simulator, Trace Analyzer and Configuration Wizard, enable users to design and test complex pumping schemes at their desks before deploying assets to the job site. With the Engine Simulator, users can simulate engine functions such as cranking, changing RPM, stopping, fault generation and testing panel behavior before deploying. The Trace Analyzer enables simple, powerful, and efficient analysis of CAN traces by parsing sorting, listing and charting all the Parameter Group Numbers (PGN) in a CAN trace for analysis to enhance productivity. The Configuration Wizard simplifies and expedites the basic configuration of a CANplus panel with an intuitive, menu-based approach to creating a standard configuration file.

“These features are a game-changer for users of our CANplus engine control panels,” says Dave Murphy, Sales Director. “We are confident this will optimize and simplify operations for rental customers.” Machine Learning is now available on the CP1000. Trace Analyzer, Engine Simulator and Configuration Wizard are now available on all CANplus panels.

Cattron is demonstrating these features at ConExpo on March 14-18. The booth is located in the South Hall, 2nd floor, booth S-83946. Appointments can be scheduled in advance.

“These features are a game-changer for users of our CANplus engine control panels”