Cattron Announces Flexible Acquisition Solutions

June 2020

As a manufacturer of mission-critical safety and productivity solutions, Cattron has released Flexible Acquisition Solutions making it possible for its customers to acquire and operate the equipment and services needed to run their business in a safe and productive manner.

The challenge of securing funding to support technology investments and operational improvements is a common struggle for many businesses, making Cattron’s Flexible Acquisition Solutions, such as Equipment Leasing or Remote Control as a Service, an alternative to customers looking to achieve their goals without having to purchase equipment.

Competing priorities and a lack of available capital can delay important initiatives, potentially sacrificing or slowing down progress for our customers.” says Ryan Wooten, CEO of Cattron. “Cattron’s Equipment Lease and Remote Control as a Service solutions free up capital and provide a cost-out alternative to the traditional, direct purchase of equipment.”

With an Equipment Lease, customers lease the equipment from Cattron Business Solutions, LLC for a pre-determined amount of time. The customer manages all aspects of equipment operation and maintenance for the term of the lease. This is ideal for customers who do not have the available capital to make a direct purchase and/or would prefer to reserve capital for other uses within their business.

Remote Control as a Service is the most flexible acquisition solution offered by Cattron Business Solutions, LLC. In this scenario, the customer is provided a combination of hardware, software and services based on the customer’s specific requirements, for a fixed monthly fee. Agreements can be structured on a short- or long-term basis and include a wide variety of products and services.

Flexible Acquisition Solutions is also recommended for multi-site operations where standardization is preferred, where equipment will be used on a seasonal basis and/or to satisfy short-term, project-based needs. Equipment leasing is used in nearly every sector of industry including manufacturing, machinery, business, IT equipment, software and more.