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Patriot™ is a high value three-motion, two-speed controller available in four standard systems that is used for wireless remote control of cranes.

Three pre-defined systems with up to 15 functions
Rugged and reliable system with less downtime
IP 65 enclosure ensures durability from the elements
Battery life offers more than 130 hours of continuous operation
Can be configured with a RAC16 programmer, setting the system address and frequency
Ten-foot wiring harness out of receiver
Receiver Housing

Compact, IP 52 indoor use

Controller Housing

IP 65 high-impact, fiber reinforced nylon


902-928 MHz license exempt operation


16-bit address and 16-bit CRC


One-year unconditional warranty

Controller Battery

Two standard AA batteries

Receiver Power

120/240V AC


Intuitive rocker switches and pushbuttons designed to suit typical applications

RAC 16 Programmer

Enables end users to change frequency and address


Leather holster available for additional convenience and protection of controller

Overhead Cranes

Using a wireless remote control to enable the operator to control all crane functions from a safer vantage point with greater efficiency than a tethered controller allows

Conveyor Systems

Control the power, speed and sorting functions of material handling conveyor systems to rapidly and efficiently carry out test and maintenance procedures

Steel Stockholders

Particularly useful for operation in confined spaces, such as between racking systems


Rock Crusher

Control the conveyors and function of rock crushers with a heavy-duty industrial wireless remote control

Rock Grader

Control the track, boom and conveyor of a screen machine via an industrial wireless remote control

25S10 System

2-Motion, 2-Speed, Horn, Stop

25S15 System

3-Motion, 2-Speed w/ A/B/Both Option, Horn, Stop and 1 Aux

25S11 System

3-Motion, 2-Speed, Horn, Stop