• OCU-III Locomotive Remote Control - Product Image

Feature-rich Operator Control Unit (OCU) for locomotive remote control that includes an embedded GNSS location, a patented method for pushing OCU positional data to the RCL system, a Bluetooth® link to the internal archive record and a Wi-Fi port to accommodate future expansion.

Lightweight, impact and chemical resistant enclosure
Patented method for pushing OCU positional data to the RCL system
Internal archive record logs events and activation of switches
Insights from internal archive record can be used in service and preventative maintenance
Compatible with Accuspeed™, Beltpack™ and Transport VS™ locomotive remote control systems
OLED Display

Display has three lines with sixteen characters of text per line. Lines 1 and 2 display messages sent by the Machine Control Unit (MCU) with no scrolling required. The third line displays messages specific to the OCU-III.

Bluetooth® Integration

OCU-III performance data can be downloaded via a wireless connection. The wireless connection is also used to update firmware and configuration parameters when connecting with a properly licensed software tool.

Infrared Configuration Updates

The OCU pairs with the locomotive's machine control unit and uses infrared to download unique configuration details, decreasing the need to manually configure units.

Embedded GNSS Receiver

An embedded Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) enables the OCU-III location to be logged in the internal archive record.

Embedded Accelerometer

Monitors tilt, motion and other operations to improve operator safety. It is self-checked at power up and throughout operation.

Battery Charger

Single- and six-unit chargers rapidly safely charges the Li-Ion battery. 


Standard one-year product warranty

Language Support

Support provided for Chinese and Korean with other languages available by request.