• Messenger 600
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Wireless cloud-based monitoring system ideal for water and wastewater plants, gas compressor stations, hydro-electric plants, unattended plants, power sub-stations and virtually any industrial site that has smart controls and analyzers

Integrated gateway providing cellular telemetry and monitoring of up to 600 values
Acts as a Modbus Master collecting and translating Modbus RTU data and making it available to web-based applications via a secure proprietary protocol
All data is reported automatically to RemoteIQ™ website
System Conditions

System condition reporting for GPS location coordinates, power fail / battery backup and geofence violations


Provides a comprehensive view, system status, graphs, reports and provides critical alarm notifications for values reported by the Messenger 600


Easy programming for up to 600 values that are monitored and communicated over an RS232/485 serial port. Programming made simple, utilizing the RemoteIQ website remotely and a terminal emulating program locally. 


Powerful, cloud-based monitoring and notification system allowing for remote asset management via desktop computers or mobile devices


Digital Values

Read using either Read Coil function codes or Packed bits in a 16- or 32-bit word

Analog Values

Read using 16- or 32-bit function codes, including read holding, register and float

Modbus RTU

Up to 600 registers of mixed types. Modbus ID supported (1-247)


Interfaces with SCADA HMI systems providing a reliable hardware-based alarm notification solution


North America: LTE CATM1

Worldwide: LTE CAT1


One-year limited warranty

Small Water and Wastewater Plants

Monitoring of level, discharge pressure, booster pumps, chlorine residuals, UV levels, Clarifiers, Mixers to include “tank to well” monitoring and controls.

Gas Compressor Stations (Oil and Gas)

Monitor compressor status and receive instantaneous notification on shutdowns and loss of power.  View current status and history from a cloud-based, RemoteIQ system on a mobile device or computer.

Cooperative Power

Monitoring activity of breaker switches and regulators, amps and power fail conditions at sub-stations.

Hydro-Electric Plants

Monitor level, rain events, generator run/fail and power fail for critical alarms