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Excalibur™ is a lightweight, pushbutton controller with a flexible form factor used for the wireless remote control of cranes, industrial equipment and material handling.

Available in two sizes with either 6, 8, 10 or 12 buttons
Positive, two-step pushbuttons
System configuration via a secure, wireless (RFID) Transkey
Compatible with all CT24, CCM12 and MMCU4 machine control units
Electronic hoist/crane select
Impact resistant, polymer and rubber housing

Approvals available for worldwide deployment


IP65 impact-resistant, polymer and rubber housing


Redundant hardware and safety critical software


Up to five, dual-step drives, horn, stop and optional electronic A/B select switch

Symmetry Lock

Available with tandem and multi-transmitter and/or receiver operation


EN 13849-1 Category 3 PL d, EN 60204-1, EN 60204-32, CE Compliant, RED compliant


Self-adhesive label sheet


Two rechargeable batteries, NiMH 3.6 V / 1500 mAh

Battery Charger

Processor-controlled charger including adapter cradle

Frequency Diversity

Dual frequency scanning for challenging RF environments

Range Control

RF Close Start and RF Range Limiting impose limits on the distance between the controller and machine at startup and during operation

IR Options

IR Close Start and IR Zoning make it possible to define precise zones in which the controller can be enabled

Overhead Cranes

Using a wireless remote control to enable the operator to control all crane functions from a safer vantage point with greater efficiency than a tethered controller allows


Conveyor Systems

Control the power, speed and sorting functions of material handling conveyor systems to rapidly and efficiently carry out test and maintenance procedures

Amusement Parks

Providing instant access to ride stop capability and additional control functions to keep riders safe and productive

6 Pushbutton OCU

Standard or custom configurations available


Relay-based machine control unit with 9, 17 or 32 relays

8 Pushbutton OCU

Standard or custom configurations available


Simplifies the installation of remote control in any CANbus-based vehicle or machine

10 Pushbutton OCU

Standard or custom configurations available


Machine control unit that offers a diverse mix of interface options

12 Pushbutton OCU

Standard or custom configurations available