• LOFA™ EL250 Series

Advanced engine control panel that provides complete control, monitoring and protection for mechanically governed diesel engines. Used across oil and gas, utilities, mining and agriculture industries.  

First Fault Diagnostics (FFD)
Expert assistance with harness design and manufacturing
Flexible platform for mechanically governed diesel engine control, monitoring, and protection
Durable panel connection
First Fault Diagnostics

LED pinpoints initial failure of preheat, alternator charge failure, low oil pressure, high coolant temperature, AUX switch 1 and 2

Key Switch

Heavy-duty, IP64 water-resistant key switch with booted key featuring mechanical lockout to prevent restart attempts when engine is running


Microprocessor–based control designed with high-power semiconductors


Heavy-duty powder-coated Aluflex™ aluminum enclosure with integrated isolation mounting 


Rugged weather-resistant AluFlex extruded aluminum and powder-coated housing with heavy-duty mounting bracket system including isolation mounts

Configurable Features

Includes preheat as input or output, active high or active low, preheat and afterglow times, fault input ignore time on start-up, fault input shutdown delay and over-speed shutdown


Automatic shutdown bypass during starting 


4, 6 or 7-gauge openings depending on model


Thru-panel or sub-bracket mounting


12" connection pigtail terminating at a Delphi GT connector


Two-year limited warranty

Plug-and-Play Harnesses

Available plug-and-play extension harnesses

Protection Door

Aluflex security door

Switch Cover

Flip-down key switch cover

Mechanically Governed Diesel Engines

Markets include Mining, Oil and Gas, Utilities and Agriculture