• Cattron EC/LO Pro MCU Locomotive Remote Control
Machine Control Unit

EC/LO Pro is the first locomotive remote control solution in the industry to pass an independent, third party assessment against the latest EN standards. TÜV Nord, an accredited and independent third party organization in Germany, certified the capability of the system to realize safety functions up to SIL 3. Certification ensures you are investing in a modern design with capabilities for exciting new features and reduced risk of future obsolescence challenges.  

Third Party assessment by TÜV Nord
SIL 3 Capable (Safety Integrity Level 3)
Full customization of functions to meet customer requirements
Full customization of input/output interfaces via a modular setup
Field swapping of config plug enables rapid configuration changes
Factory service maintenance not required to maintain system certification
System certification can be maintained without having to send in for factory maintenance

SIL 3 Safety Level; compliant to EN50126, EN 50128 SIL3,  EN 50129 SIL3, EN 50239, EN 50155 

Locomotive Control

Throttle, Reverser, Independent Brake Control and Emergency Stop from OCU

Man Down Alert

Built-in stop function if the OCU detects a tilt or man down event

RF Communication

High system availability due to robust RF link

TDMA Communication

Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) allows multiple systems to utilize the same frequency 


Same form, fit and function ensures backwards compatibility to legacy TH-EC/LO systems

Pitch and Catch

Allows a two-person team to direct movement of the locomotive including braking, horn and tilt protection

Antenna Diversity

Integrated RF unit utilizes multiple antennas and intelligently utilizes the strongest signal 

Reception Diversity

Utilizes multiple RF units in parallel to ensure a stable connection 

Multiple Digital Inputs

Allows multiple functions in the MCU like standstill monitoring, pressure monitoring or rollback protection

Vigilance Functionality

Built-in intelligence to automatically stop the system if users do not give a command for a set amount of time


Transmission of information from MCU to OCU via configurable display