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EC/LO Locomotive Remote Control

EC/LO is a locomotive remote control solution for rail operators in the European market who depend on the power of proven technology and connectivity to safeguard operators and maximize productivity. 

Improves communication and visibility on the ground
Requires less operators to perform the same task
Reduces cost of ownership due to savings in labor
Controller can be customized to meet specific requirements
Man down features commands a stop if a tilt is detected
Man Down Alert

Built in stop function if the OCU detects a tilt or man down event 

Locomotive Control

Throttle, reverser, independent brake control from the OCU

TDMA Communication

Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) allows multiple systems to utilize the same frequency

Robust RF Communication

High system availability due to a robust RF link 

Emergency Stop

Provides the operator the ability to command an emergency brake application 


Transmission of information from your locomotive to the operator control unit

Pitch & Catch

Enables a two-person team to direct movement of the locomotive including braking, horn and tilt protection 

Antenna Diversity

Integrated RF unit utilizes multiple antennas and intelligently utilizes the strongest signal

Reception Diversity

Utilizes multiple RF units in parallel to ensure a stable connection 

Vigilance Functionality

Built in intelligence to automatically stop the system if users do not give a command for set amount of time