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Locomotive & Rail Operations
With nearly 10,000 rail-related applications installed worldwide, Cattron Group International offers the most comprehensive combination of experience, product quality and technical support. We offer a broad range of products for a variety of requirements and applications. Click on any of the systems listed below for more detailed information or contact us directly if you have special requirements or would like to get pricing.

Our premier product for Locomotive Remote Control (LRC) with the latest technological features making it the most advanced LRC available.
Our non-speed control top of the line locomotive radio remote control system with many of the ACCUSPEED features and all of the quality and reliability.

QC - Quick Connect


The QC is a standardized interchangeable portable control system designed to interface with locomotives equipped with American Association of Railroads (AAR) standard Multiple Unit (MU) connections.

Railcar Movers
Safe and efficient control of switching, coupling and disconnection ensuring complete control regardless of the coupling arrangement.

Digital Event Recorder
The Digital Event Recorder, when used in conjunction with Accuspeed or MP 96 RCL locomotive remote control systems (utilizing STS protocol),
AT - Ballast Car Unloader
Control of ballast car doors,
and greatly increase the efficiency & safety of hazardous operations.

BELTPACK® is a sophisticated computer-based locomotive remote control system on the market. It allows yard operators to control driverless, microprocessor-equipped switching locomotives using a battery-operated portable Operator Control Unit (OCU). What makes BELTPACK® revolutionary is Brain in the Train™, an advanced onboard microprocessor programmed with the industry's best train handling practices.


Cantrac™ Locomotive Remote Control
For system repair, please contact the Help Desk at 877-399-2937.

For new systems, please contact the factory at 724-962-3571.

Other Rail Operations
Cattron Group International has applied radio remote controls to a variety of other rail yard and maintenance-of-way operations increasing efficiency and worker safety. Please contact Cattron Group International for your special needs at 724-962-3571.
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