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The SIAMvvm system is designed to assist operators of low profile LHDs, in manoeuvring their vehicles inside the mine's drifts. The system consists of two compact cameras, one at the front end of the vehicle and another at the rear. The cameras allow the operator to view the right side of the LHD, increasing his visibility while driving.

The monitor enclosure is installed into the dashboard of the vehicle. It is composed of a color monitor, “Forward” and “Reverse” manual override push-buttons, and a video switching relay. This relay is controlled by the vehicle transmission “Forward” and “Reverse” signal. The push-buttons are also illuminated so as to indicate which camera is in use. The indicator lights are controlled by the vehicle transmission or by the manual override push-buttons. 

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Features and Benefits


  • Driver assistance, no more blind spots
  • Low cost
  • Easy to read large color monitor
  • Hands free operation
  • Hassle free driving 
  • No maintenance
  • Increase personnel's safety


  • Automatic switching of front and rear cameras
  • Manual camera selection capability 
  • Status lights indicate the camera in use
  • Adaptable to any lighting conditions
  • Adaptable to any vehicle using cables of appropriate length 
  • No obstructive monitor, recessed into the dashboard 
  • Monitor screen protected by long lasting anti-abrasive protection glass
  • Select camera type according to your requirements: Color or B&W 
  • Sealed, anticorrosion 
  • Power washing resistant
Technical Data and Specification
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