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Combining conventional 800MHz Two-Way radio technology with the high speed data capability of Cable Modem technology makes SIAMnet the economical choice when both Voice and Data communication are needed. 

The SIAMnet is a network of coaxial cable, antennas and Access Points (WIFI) which provides voice coverage and data communication for the underground mines.
The flexibility of SIAMnet allows you to make use of the technology that best suits your needs.

The SIAMnet makes use of standard CATV components and cable which makes it very accessible worldwide. Cattron manufactures the amplifier that makes all of this possible. You have the choice of using conventional Two-Way radios or IP telephones. You may bring your laptop or PDA underground and send reports instanteneously to your colleagues at the surface.

IP cameras will send images of your critical operations to every PC users on the network, whether at the surface or underground.

Hardwired or Wireless VOIP telephones may be used underground as well as at the surface thus eliminating the need to install a separate network of telephone cables.

Vehicles can be monitored wherever there is coverage in the area where the vehicle is situated. We can check for engine conditions, determine its location and send operator instructions.

Using battery backed-up Access Points, a Mesh network becomes operational should the cable be damaged or the electrical power be turned off. You get the throughput of the cable and the wireless as your back-up.

RFID Tags may be installed underground and the SIAMnet Data modems will relay their information to the surface computers. Employees can be traced to their last place of work should an emergency arises.

The ease of repair of the coaxial cable insures that downtime is minimized at a cost you can afford.
The electrical power present in the cable feed all your devices; there is no need to install an AC outlet when the need for communication arises.

Diagnosing a malfunction or a failure will no longer be a tedious task thanks to the SIAMnet Diagnostic System. From your desk or any remote location you will be able to find the exact cause of a problem and be able to take corrective actions on the spot. At the commisioning phase, all the adjustments and testing will be done without going underground. That feature alone will make you save money on the installation and maintenance of your system.
Cattron, with its 24-7 Help Center, can monitor your system and advise you of any malfunctions. We will advise your maintenance team and execute your instructions should a technical problem arises with the system.

The SIAMnet is modular and scalable; there is only one system for Voice and Data which can be expanded as needed.

For example, you can start with Voice only and then add data communication without affecting the system and loosing on your initial investment. You can start with one data channel and expand up to five. SIAMnet supports the DOCSIS 1.x and 2.0 standards and will also support DOCSIS 3.0 as it becomes available.

Maintenance is made simple with a single infrastructure that your electricians understand. SIAMnet makes the Fiber Optic cable and Leaky Feeder systems obsolete.

The Cattron Group International subsidiary companies have operations in the USA, Canada, UK, South Africa, Brazil, China and Europe. World headquarters are located in Sharpsville, PA, USA.

SIAMnet, a serious System for a serious profession. 

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Voice Communications

  • 800 MHz frequencies propagates better and further into undergound mines tunnels than VHF and UHF.
  • Analog Two-Way radios with up to 32 simultaneous conversations.
  • Conventional or Trunking systems at the surface or Underground.
  • Digital 800 MHz radio using the P25 universal protocol.
  • Telephone Interconnect permiting receiving or making external calls.

Mobile Data Communication

  • 800MHz High speed data communication between the vehicles and the central computer.
  • Three communication ports per radio Modem; Ethernet: 1.5Mbps, Async 1 & 2:115Kbps
  • Single or dual antenna models
    • The dual antenna radio modem provides uninterupted communication while under a dead spot.
    • The second antenna may be used as a backup providing redundancy in mission critical applications.
  • Buffer memory, the data is memorized until it can be transmitted.
  • Robust and watertight enclosures.
  • 24vdc or 110/220vac models available.
  • Diagnostics leds ease troubleshooting and indicate system status.

High Speed Data Communication

  • Cable Modem Technology extending the mine Ethernet network underground.
  • DOCSIS 1.x and 2.0 standards. Will support DOCSIS 3.0 as it becomes available (160 Mbps).
  • SIAMnet supports multiple Downstream and Upstream channels. The number of channels depends on the DOCSIS standard in use at the mine. See table below:
    DOCSIS 1.1
    DOCSIS 2.0
    EuroDOCSIS 1.1
    EuroDOCSIS 2.0
    6 X 30=180MBps
    6 X 30=180MBps
    5 X 40=200MBps
    5 X 40=200MBps
    10 X 10=100MBps
    5 X 20=100MBps
    17 X 10=170MBps
    9 X 20=180MBps

Supported Applications

  • WIFI Access points enabling mobile computing (Laptop, PDA, telephones).
  • VOIP telephones, hardwired or wireless
  • IP Cameras providing real-time images to every network users.
  • Tagging systems permitting the identification of the last area employees were located before an emergency.
  • PLC and other Automation systems including Remote I/Os.
  • Any Ethernet based applications are supported.

Analog Video

  • Up to 5 analog cameras providing real-time images to the control station operator underground.

Diagnostic System

  • Web based application accessible anywhere from the Internet.
  • Configuration, Monitoring and Calibration of every amplifier from a network station.
  • Alarm management provides real time messaging should a failure occurs anywhere on the network.
  • Local access from a serial port at the amplifier.


Technical Data and Specification

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Machine Control Units

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