The CM1000 Radio Remote Control For Continuous Miners

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Portable Radio Remote Controls allow operators of continuous miners to choose the safest position with the best vantage point from which to operate. This means safer, more efficient operation, increased production and lower operating costs.

Designed to be a direct drop-in replacement for current remote control systems on 1 KV and 2.3 KV continuous miners, the CM1000 is also available as original equipment when specified. Built in accordance with MSHA's most recent System Safety Recommendations, it can stand up to the harsh environment of an underground mine without being bulky or heavy.

The CM1000 system comes with two IP67 Controller/Transmitters so you will never be down for a broken switch. And each will operate for 24 hours on a single charge, "cutting the cord" and eliminating the need for a PTO connection from a cap lamp. In addition, the CM1000 system includes a Smart Quad Charger that also provides real-time trouble shooting of the Controllers.

Controller/Transmitter Features

  • MSHA approved (2G-4127-0)
  • Incorporates latest MSHA approved features:
    • Methane Monitor Override (MMO)
    • Emergency Stop Override (ESO)
    • Power Center Trip (PCTR)
    • Two-step motor starting
    • Large E-Stop button
  • Long-life internal re-chargeable battery pack provides 24 hrs. continuous operation, no need to connect external cap lamp battery
  • Red 'Low Battery' indicator when recharge is necessary
  • Green 'RF Transmit' indicator flashes when radio signals are being sent to the Miner
  • Weighs only 5 lbs (2.27 Kg), may be hand carried or used with a carrying strap
  • Finger-friendly toggle bats
  • Submersible to IP67
  • Includes dual function Battery Charger/Testing Unit
Receiver/Decoder Features
  •  Located on Miner inside explosion proof enclosure
  • All outputs contain relays that resist failure due to external grounds and short circuits. Relays provide complete isolation between the internal and external circuitry of the Receiver/Decoder
  • Extensive diagnostics and internal fault protection, many fault conditions are isolated allowing other parts of the machine to continue to be safely operated.
  • Digital display and LED indications provide system and individual relay status to maintenance technicians
  • All DC outputs 'economized' minimizing solenoid heat
  • Fault conditions and microprocessor crashes can be 'rebooted' from the Controller/Transmitter
  • Optional drop-in battery backup available for deep-cut applications

The CM1000 is built with Cattron's 57+ years of RF experience. Its dependability and high signal integrity ensure that your production will continue with the highest possible safety and reliability. Every CM1000 is backed by Cattron's unparalleled service and support.

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