Leading Technology In Automatic Speed Control

Cattron-Theimeg continues to be the recognized technology leader in the design and implementation of LRC (Locomotive Remote Control) systems with more than 57 years of radio frequency experience and nearly 10,000 locomotive and rail related installations worldwide. The ACCUSPEED™ system uses the latest technology to provide the features necessary for safe, efficient and accurate operation of remote controlled locomotives.

System Features

Synchronized Time Sharing™ (STS) - U.S. Patent Pending
STS provides both a system and method for remotely controlling a number of locomotives on a single simplex (or half duplex) wireless channel within a given location. STS utilizes a GPS timing device on-board the locomotive, in conjunction with two-way digital data radios, to form a system that maximizes radio spectrum efficiency to near 100%.The key aspects of STS are:

  • The ability to add multiple radio repeaters that extend the operating range of the LRC systems.
  • Pathfinder™ automatic selection between the repeater and the direct transmission path that is totally transparent to the operator.
  • Robust 2-way data radio communication for the time critical operation to and from multiple locomotives operating in the rail yard.
  • Fast response time of commands sent from a Radio Controlled Locomotive (RCL) operator to the locomotive.
  • Display of critical return data and warnings from the locomotive to the RCL operator. Illuminating indicators on the OCU verify RCL operator commands (speed select, direction etc.,) have occurred at the locomotive.
  • Commands sent by the primary Operator Control Unit (OCU) are monitored by the secondary OCU maximizing safe and efficient team operation.
  • Text message display on the OCU completes the information link by providing speed, air pressure and other selected data.
  • Immediate warning that data communication is lost with the locomotive provides critical seconds of warning to an OCU operator to prepare for an eventual stopping.
  • Safe dismissal of secondary operator when conditions and rules allow for single operator control.

Electronic Position Detection™

Electronic Position Detection (Patent Pending) is the most advanced technology available for providing Pullback protection and other zone sensitive operational backup control. Combining position sensing information from track transponders with verification by Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) technology, EPD provides a positive means of initiating pre-programmed position-specific train operation commands such as speed override and stop.

EPD can be programmed for many applications. When a locomotive is at a certain track position, EPD can automatically initiate a variety of commands that will ensure certain functions that are supposed to occur activate as needed, and functions that are not supposed to take place are disabled. This additional protection from human error can dramatically increase the safety and security of your yard operation.



Digital Talkback™ with “InfoLink” - True two-way digital communication between the Operator Control Unit (OCU) and the Locomotive Control Unit (LCU) through text display and function LED’s on the OCU.


Slow Speed Control - Allows locomotive to run at +/- 0.1 MPH over the entire load out.

WABTEC/Cattron-Theimeg™ Digital Event Recorder- over 200 channels, with 96 hours of RCL data collection and storage, including all standard WABTEC locomotive functions.

Available RF Repeater - Extends operating range.

Interchangeability - One system can be MU’d with other locomotives.

Compact LCU - All equipment and enclosures designed for quick removal and replacement.

Radio Channel Selectability, externally, on board.

Specifications are subject to change without notice. Check with factory for confirmation.

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